Nicolas Prost's Race Report
Formula Campus
Dijon 2003

I had a problem with my brakes during the first qualifying and I could only complete 2 laps. I spent more than 10 of the 15 minutes in the pits and I did not have time to get my tyres warmed up, it was very disappointing.

During the second session, I still had a few problems with the brakes but it was much better. The session was stopped after 8 minutes because of a red flag. I completed a few good laps at the end of the session but my tyres still were not warm enough, tenth place in these conditions was not that bad..

Race 1:
I took a good start on race 1 and I overtook three cars during the first lap. I then overtook two other cars during the second lap but I was hit on the first corner by another car who sent me in the gravel. I was extremely unhappy because the car was working very well and I feel I could have finished in a good position.

Race 2:
I took a very bad start on race 2 and lost 2 spots. However, I overtook these two cars on the outside on the first corner and then overtook another car on the downhill. Everything was going very well, I overtook two cars again on the first corner. Just as I was cacthing up with the front group, I made a mistake and spun. The car got stuck in the gravel and I could not get out..

Overall it was a very disappointing week-end. I feel that I was very quick on this track and I hope it will be better in Pau.

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Nicolas Prost

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