Nicolas Prost's Race Report
Formula Campus
Nogaro 2003

Race 1:
I took a pretty good start on race one but I was a little too conservative and I only gained one rank. I was in the front pack for the first part of the race and then I spun. It took me a little bit of time to start the car again but I was fortunate to be able to get back in the race. I started back in tenth place and overtook two cars. I then overtook another car on the last lap to finish 7th. I'm pretty happy with that result, it was my first race and in difficult conditions, I made a mistake and I can only blame myself for this.

Race 2:
I took an excellent start on race 2 but I was again too conservative and did not really capitalize on that great start. I then entered an intense fight with Gregory Radisson, but he eventually took the advantage. The fight was very fair-play and a lot of fun. I remained in sixth place for a long time and then somebody spun and I took fifth place. At the end of the race, I took fourth place and I was catching up on third but I did not have time to overtake him. I'm still very pleased with that result. (Note by AP-H3: Gregory Radisson finished the race in second position and he was also mentioning the great fair-play fight with Nicolas Prost in his race report).

Overall, I'm very happy with this weekend. I still need to get more confident and aggressive to fully exploit my potential but this will come naturally with experience.

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Nicolas Prost

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