Nicolas Prost's Race Report
FIA GT1 World Championship
Nürburgring 2010

Qualifying Race, 28.08.2010:
It was hard for my first race to start my stint with slick tyres as it started raining, but then we quickly put the wet tyres on. We didnít make a great driver change with Neel, but we will get it perfect. It was not easy to fight with others guys with slick tyres under the rain but then the rhythm was reasonable and we had to finish the race and we are quite well positioned for tomorrow!

Championship Race, 29.08.2010:
From the very first start, one of my tires started being destroyed. We can see some pieces of gum are missing so there was nothing to do with a tire like this one. We have to find an explication because the 3 others were good. Itís really a pity because we were expecting a good result, but unfortunately it was impossible to do something. I was stopped without any grip on the right rear wheel.

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Nicolas Prost

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