News of 27th January 2006

Nicolas: winter training session in Switzerland!

Racing Engineering held a winter training session for its new 2006 drivers from January 12 - 15 in Switzerland. On January 12 the new Spanish F3 drivers, Nicolas Prost, Miguel Molina and Marcos Martinez Ucha together with the GP2 driver Javier Villa began the session with a brisk workout at the fitness facilities of the Amrita Spa in Montreux Switzerland. The next day everybody was up early to Gstaad and on the slopes for a day of vigorous skiing. The difference in skiing talents did not dampen the spirit of competition and soon everybody was trying to keep up with Nicolas Prost who is a very accomplished skier. Skiing was the program for the next couple of days, with the evenings spent tasting traditional Swiss fare such as fondue and meeting with the press. On Saturday January 14, on invitation from Alain Prost, the team attended the famous Trophee Andros ice race in France. At the end of the weekend the drivers were in toughened physical form and had bonded together in a great team spirit!

Nicolas Prost: "I think it was a really good idea to all meet before the tests and races begin. It helped us to get to know each other much better than if we had met at the circuit. The whole weekend was organized very professionally and we all got along very well and had a good time. I am looking forward to great season."

Javier Villa: "It was a great meeting with all the other team members and it was a very pleasurable weekend skiing, especially since I had not skied for a long time. We all had a very good relationship and I am confident that this positive atmosphere will continue into the season."

Marcos Martinez Ucha: "It was a great idea and a great success. We became united as a team and are ready to enter into the new season!"

Miguel Molina: "I had a very nice time because it was the first time with my new team members and we had a very good first contact. I would like to thank the team for giving me this opportunity to get to know my team members and build great team spirit."

Alfonso de Orleans-Borbon: "I think this training session has been helpful for the drivers but most of all they have been able to train and ski in the high altitudes of Switzerland which gives an extra benefit. They also enjoyed very much the invitation by Alain Prost to go to see him race in Trophee Andros ice race."

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