News of 27th January 2010

Nico is Electric Andros Trophy Champion!

Nico Prost became the first champion in the history of electric car racing last weekend. He won the championship in front of 30'000 spectators on the circuit of Saint-Dié-des-Vosges (France).

The weekend started well, as Nico qualified in pole position for the fifth time in a row. He then won the first race of the weekend and secured the championship on Sunday.

Nicolas Prost: I am delighted with this title. It's a real honor to be the first electric sports car champion, especially because it was my first year on the ice! I didn't expect to fight for wins in the first year, especially against specialists like Franck Lagorce, Stéphane Ortelli or Christophe Ferrier. I congratulate the whole team Exagon Engineering, who have developed this car. I think few people believed in this challenge initially, but the result is more than satisfactory: the car has proved to be incredibly fast and reliable. Moreover, the races have offered an exceptional spectacle. This proves once again that car races remains the best laboratory for developing new technologies.

Next weekend, Nico will be racing at Super Besse.

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