News of 18th April 2008

Nicolas Prost: first place in free practice!

The 2008 season of Euroseries 3000 started today with the first free practice session on the Italian Vallelunga track.

Once again the weather was good for the teams continuing their schedule and looking forward to the qualifying and the two races.

At the end of the 30 minutes the best time is for a driver carrying a historical surname such as Nicolas Prost (Cerveza Sol – ELK Motorsport), son of the 4-times World Champion Alain Prost, who clocked the best time of the day in 1’26’’091. He was ahead of the two GP Racing drivers: the Spanish Roldan Rodriguez (1’26’’118) and the Italian Fabio Onidi (1’26’’188).

Today five drivers ended split by less than six tenth, which shows once again the great technical level reached by Euroseries 3000.

Tomorrow morning the second session of free practice and the qualifying for the first 2008 starting grid will take place.

Nicolas Prost - Cerveza Sol – ELK Motorsport:“We did a great job and we showed the results, even if we have to keep on working hard for the qualifying”

Vallelunga - Free practice 1:
1Nicolas ProstCerveza Sol - ELK Motorsport1’26’’09116 laps
2Roldan RodriguezGP Racing1’26’’11814 laps
3Fabio OnidiGP Racing1’26’’18814 laps
4Luiz RaziaCerveza Sol - ELK Motorsport1’26’’35315 laps
5Asmer MarkoTP Formula1’26’’64214 laps
6Fabio BerettaQ8 OILS/HACHE - ELK Motorsport1’27’’27814 laps
7Omar LealDurango1’27’'31912 laps
8Francesco DraconeEmmebi Motorsport1’27’’59116 laps
9Matteo CozzariEmilio De Villota Motorsport1’28’’84013 laps
10Juan Ramon ZapataEmmebi Motorsport1’29’’0395 laps

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