News of 12th October 2007

Nicolas Prost: Rookie sessions in Brno!

Nicolas Prost made his track debut this morning in the two sessions for the rookies. He was on the worn tyres from Zandvoort and was immediately on the pace; he was able to give the A1 Team France engineers information in view of Sunday’s races. He made no mistakes and got to know the car better. The designated driver, Nicolas Lapierre, then took over. Once again the team preferred to concentrate on race set-up. It finished the day in seventh place and will prepare for qualifying during tomorrow’s free practice.

Nicolas Prost said after the rookie session: "What was important for me today was to get into the right rhythm very quickly and begin the team’s preparation programme by giving them reliable information. I think I managed to do that and this first test gave everybody confidence. The rookies go out on tyres whose state of wear is very varied, and the overall results are of very relative importance as lap times were not a priority. I like the Brno layout very much and I’m happy with my day. Finally, Olivier Panis’s input has been very useful and we’re all delighted to have him with us."

Results of the rookies session 1:
PosA1 TeamDriverTimeGapLaps
1GermanyChristian Vietoris1'48.841 11
2PortugalJoão Urbano1'48.8420.00110
3IrelandAdam Carroll1'49.1380.29711
4SwitzerlandNatacha Gachnang1'49.2670.42610
5Czech RepublicErik Janis1'49.3230.4829
6AustraliaJohn Martin1'49.3820.54110
7CanadaRobert Wickens1'49.4020.56110
8IndonesiaSatrio Hermanto1'49.4610.62013
9BrazilSérgio Jimenez1'49.6410.8009
10USACharlie Kimball1'49.7420.90112
11FranceNicolas Prost1'49.9081.06711
12LebanonKhalil Beschir1'50.1841.34311
13South AfricaWesleigh Orr1'50.3561.5159
14MalaysiaAaron Lim1'50.7321.8919
15NetherlandsArie Luyendyk Jr.1'51.1282.28710
16MexicoMichel Jourdain Jr.1'51.5052.6649
17ItalyPaolo Bossini1'52.0173.1768
18IndiaParthiva Sureshwaren1'53.0784.23711
19ChinaMarchy Lee1'55.9907.1495

Results of the rookies session 2:
PosA1 TeamDriverTimeGapLaps
1CanadaRobert Wickens1'49.037 11
2AustraliaJohn Martin1'49.1310.09414
3IrelandAdam Carroll1'49.3720.33510
4PortugalJoão Urbano1'49.4250.38812
5USACharlie Kimball1'49.5200.48312
6MalaysiaAaron Lim1'49.6590.62213
7LebanonKhalil Beschir1'49.9540.9178
8IndonesiaSatrio Hermanto1'49.9760.93911
9South AfricaWesleigh Orr1'50.2911.25413
10SwitzerlandNatacha Gachnang1'50.7051.66811
11FranceNicolas Prost1'50.7731.73611
12NetherlandsArie Luyendyk Jr.1'50.8401.80311
13Czech RepublicErik Janis1'50.8811.84410
14MexicoMichel Jourdain Jr.1'51.2222.18513
15ItalyPaolo Bossini1'51.7382.70112
16IndiaParthiva Sureshwaren1'51.8852.84812
17ChinaMarchy Lee1'51.9552.91813
18BrazilSérgio Jimenez  0
19GermanyChristian Vietoris  0

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