News of 7th December 2007

Nicolas Prost: second place in Bologna!

In front of the crowded Motor Show grandstands, the Auto Sport Racing driver, Pierre Ragues, has been awarded the success in the Formula 3000 race, beating in an exciting final Nicolas Prost (Elk Motorsport), son of the 4 times F1 world champion Alain.

The two Frenchmen met in the race final after Nicolas Prost had beaten Fabio Onidi (Minardi by GP Racing) in the quarterfinal and Francesco Dracone (2G Racing) in the semifinal, while Ragues was awarded the first challenges against Johnny Cecotto Jr. (Traini Corse) and then against the other Minardi by GP Racing driver, Marcello Puglisi, then finished on the third step of the podium.

Spectacular epilogue of the race with the two Frenchmen recording the same time (1'05"81) in the second of two final heats: Ragues managed to succeed thanks to the advantage of just 2 tenths earned in the first heat.

This result is even more valuable considering that this was the first experience in F.3000 for both Pierre Ragues and Nicolas Prost, likely protagonists of the 2008 Euroseries 3000 season.

Final 1st 2nd place
1Pierre Ragues, Auto Sport Racing2:12.13
2Nicolas Prost, Elk Motorsport2:12.36

Final 3rd 4th place
3Marcello Puglisi, Minardi Team by GP Racing2:13.94
4Francesco Dracone, 2G Racing2:18.97

Out at quarterfinals
Fabio Onidi, Minardi Team by GP Racing2:13.00
Johnny Cecotto Jr., Traini Corse2:15.50
Omar Leal, Durango2:16.44
Vito Popolizio, 2G Racing3:04.82

Failed to qualify
Valentino Sebastiani, It Loox Racing2:20.800
Fabio Beretta Jr., Elk Motorsport2:23.550

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