News of 7th November 2010

Nico Prost with Toyota engines in 2011!

The Le Mans Series season has ended in September. Since then, the Rebellion team is preparing for next season. Nico has confirmed quite a while ago that he will stay with the Swiss-based team.

Rebellion Racing has signed a two year agreement with Toyota to supply engines. Rebellion will receive the status of an official Toyota team and will be the only team to have the Japanese engine. The team has been testing in Surrey, followed by 2 days at Monteblanco/Andalusia (Spain). The objective was to evaluate next year's car and especially to test and setup the engine for next year. Nico said that it's good to start testing early - especially when you see the work ahead for next year. Due to Nico, the engine showed some teething problems but the potential is definitely there. The title will be the goal for next year. Nico thinks, that the new equivalences will give them a better chance to compete with the diesel-powered cars at Le Mans.

In his official newsletter, Nico Prost also confirmed that he will compete in the Andros Trophy again this winter. Good luck, Nico!

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