News of 3rd September 2009

Nico: New helmet design!

Nico Prost announced a week ago that he would change his helmet colour to white. is proud to be the first website to present you the new helmet and the story of Nico's helmet designs from the first helmet to the latest one with a selection of pictures:


Nico Prost's helmet 2002:
He took his dad's helmet design but inverted the blue and red colour and added his name "Nico".

Nico Prost's helmet 2004:
He kept the colours, but revised the design. The helmet was now predominantly red. The white parts were changed to silver later in the year.

Nico Prost's helmet 2005:
Still the same colours, but now only horizontal stripes, as Nico didn't like the design from the front. The silver stripes were changed back to white in September 2005.

Nico Prost's helmet end 2006:
The lower white stripe got thicker, making white the predominant colour again.

Nico Prost's helmet mid 2007:
Very similar design as in 2005. The lower white stripe got smaller again.

Nico Prost's helmet end 2007:
The white stripes got filled with grey and white Nico Prost logos. At the same time, thin blue and black lines were added to give a hint of Alain Prost's helmet design.

Nico Prost's helmet 2008:
With SOL being the main sponsor for his team in 2008, Nico was adding the sun rays of the SOL logo to his helmet. The white lines changed to a very dark blue, which gave a nice contrast.

Nico Prost's helmet mid 2009:
Sun rays are gone, the dark blue changes stripes change to black. The blue and white lines give a hint of Alain Prost's helmet design.


Nico Prost's new helmet end 2009:
The black stripes changed to silver, the red areas changed to white. Like this, the blue and white lines are more obvious. Only if the lower silver stripe wouldn't be there, Alain's old helmet design would even be more obvious...

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