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Nicolas Prost: Happy End

Last Sunday, Nicolas Prost won the last race of the 2007 Spanish Formula 3 Championship on the Montmelo circuit near Barcelona. He started from pole position and finished more than 4 seconds ahead of his nearest challenger. This year, Nicolas came third in the championship and put in an-end-of-season charge, racking up 5 podium finishes in the last 7 races. In addition, he scored 62 points in the last 4 weekends compared to 33 for the champion. He can now look forward to the future with serenity and talk about his ambitions.

Nicolas, how do you feel about your last weekend in the Spanish F 3 championship?
It didnít really get off to a great start. Sometimes you go out and youíre on the pace straightaway; it wasnít the case this time. But we did a lot of work and we managed to turn the situation around as witnessed by our win in the second race.

So it was your last time in the car?
Itís true. I was a bit nostalgic at the start. Iíve been racing in the Spanish F3 Championship for two years, and I love the category. In addition, Iíve been fortunate to work with a bunch of exceptional people. Both from a sporting and human point of view these two seasons will be very important for the rest of my career. Finishing with a victory is a nice symbol.

You ended the championship in a fairly spectacular manner. If youíd been a bit more successful at the start of the season, you could have won the title. Frustrated?
No. I donít like looking back and say that it would have been possible to do better. I prefer taking a positive attitude and say that we ended the championship on a high note. Iím the driver who scored the most points in the last eight races and thatís very satisfying.

How would you sum up your F3 experience?
I think Iím much stronger now mentally speaking. When a weekend doesnít start as Iíd hoped Iím capable of turning round the situation. I also think Iíve progressed in setting up my car. And my drivingís improved too. Itís all been very positive, really.

Finally, what are your options for the future?
One thingís certain I canít think of a life without motor sport! Firstly, Iím going to spend a good part of the winter with the Al Team France, for which Iím the test driver. Then there are a number of very interesting opportunities on the cards for next season. Iím thinking them over at the moment and no decisionís been taken. What I want is to race in a top-level championship with a good team at the wheel of a competitive car, which will allow me to fight for victory. I should know whatís happening in the next few weeks.

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