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Five Questions to Nicolas Prost

2009 will be your first Le Mans 24 Hours in a prototype. What do you expect compared to the Saleen in 2007?
I think the track will obviously seem completely different as the car will be much, much quicker. The layout is very challenging and for sure it will be tough, but it will also be a lot of fun!

What are your hopes for the race itself? Can you challenge for a good top 10 position overall?
I hope so! The Lola was very quick last year and for sure the competition will be very strong, but I sincerely hope we can fight for the top positions. Le Mans is a very special track and we will only know when we get there what we can really expect.

What do you make of the Lola LMP1. How does it compare to other high downforce cars you have driven?
There is certainly a lot of downforce on the car, and it really compensates for the weight. The grip on the brakes and in the quick corners are very impressive. In the slow corners, you can recognise that it is a Lola car as it has a very efficient front end, just like the F3000 or the A1 GP.

What is your favourite section of the La Sarthe track?
I don't have a favourite part but for sure Indianapolis and the Porsches are the most challenging parts of the circuit. It takes a bit of time to get up to speed there.

Does your father give you useful technical advice? Would he consider making his Le Mans debut?
For sure he tries to help me when I need help, but he always keep a bit of distance with things. Regarding his debut at Le Mans, I think we are more likely to see him line up for the Cycling Tour de France than for Le Mans now.

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