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Nicolas Prost interview: Le Mans Countdown - 7 days to go!

Nicolas Prost makes his 4th appearance at the Le Mans 24 Hours this weekend with the Rebellion Lola-Toyota team.

After a strong start to the 2011 season, Nico took time out of his busy preparation schedule to speak with Lola and start the count down to next weekends 79th 24 Heures Du Mans.

Can you briefly describe your philosophy to racing?
Racing is very competitive and you have to work harder than the others to beat them, even if it's not always enough. I really like Tiger Woods quote: 'People can outplay me, but they cannot outwork me.' You always have to give 100%

What is it about the Rebellion Racing team that you enjoy so much?
The Rebellion Racing project is ambitious and we are definitely trying to become a major force in LMP1 racing. I have been there almost since the beginning so it is quite nice to see how much we have progressed over time. In addition, we have quite a nice atmosphere in the team.

What were the key points you gathered from the Le Mans test last month?
It was an important test for us as we were trying the new suspensions, the new aero kit and the wider front tyres. We tried to gather as much data as we could to prepare for Spa and of course Le Mans.

Technically, what has been the most impressive aspect of the Lola LMP car?
In comparison to other petrol cars I think we have a lot of downforce which gives us the ability to brake a bit later and be a bit quicker in the fast corners.

Who is your racing hero?
Well of course my dad is very special to me and represents quite an example. In the most recent years, I have a lot of admiration for Fernando Alonso and Tom Kristensen.

Can you describe the sensations of the Porsche Curves on a really quick lap? Technically, how do you approach it?
I've always tried to be really smooth through the Porsches and get into a nice rhythm. You have to get into the first corner with a lot of speed and then try to carry that speed until the exit of the karting complex.

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