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A lap with Nicolas Prost

The first left corner is an easy flat in 6th gear. Then you get into the “Estoril” curve, which is a copy from the last corner of the Estoril circuit. The corner is usually in 5th gear and it is very difficult as you can’t see the exit of the corner. It is a very important corner as there is a long straight line behind it.

After the long straight line, you need to brake really hard for the “Adélaide” hairpin, in 1st or 2nd gear. Adelaide is one of the best opportunities to overtake during the race. After a short strait, you get to the fast “Nurburgring” chicane, in 5th gear at more than 200 kph.

The “180°” is a very difficult and technical corner, in 3rd gear. It is an important corner, where you can easily make a difference. Following the “180°” is the “Imola” chicane, which is also very fast. There is a big compression on the first part of the curve which makes it even more difficult. As soon as you get out of the chicane, you enter the “Château d’eau”, which is a slow corner in 2nd gear.

After a long downhill straight line, you get to the part that was redone in 2003. The “Lycée” is a slow corner in 2nd which offers a good overtaking opportunity. The last small chicane in front of the pits is not very interesting, and pretty bad for the suspensions of the car!

Key points: There are no real key points in Magny-Cours, you can gain and lose time everywhere. It is a very technical track, and every corner is a challenge.

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